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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions. Here, you will find some useful information about our site. Check below. Q: Is this site real or a scam ?
A: Our service is real, trustful and enjoyed by hundreds of users daily. Also, all our users can leave a feedback (rating) on the left site of the site. This proves that our site is 100% legit!
Q: How this service works ?
A: So how Facebook hacking works ? It works because of the major security hole in Facebook system security. Our system is daily updated with the latest tweeks on hacking a Facebook account so our system of hacking will work almost every time!
Q: Your service asks me to verify I am a human. What to do now ?
A: Sometimes, people develop some kinds of bots (programs) that automatically connect to our service and hack accounts in seconds. So, our system got abused. We had to add this abuse-protection. So, you will be asked to prove that you are a human before getting the hacked Facebook account details.
Q: I am being asked to do a survey, what now ?
A: This is annoying, we know. But this is an abuse-protection system we created (take a look at previous question). Just complete the survey/offer and you will bypass this and get your hacked Facebook account data. Also, this keeps our service daily updated! However, if you are being asked to do a mobile offer, just complete it. Then send "STOP2". We guarantee you that you will not have to pay anything!
Q: Is this site safe to use ?
A: Yes! Our system is totally safe for use. All data is stored on a dedicated server, daily maintaned by our team.